Product Model:

ZAY7532/1 ZAY7540/1 ZAY7550/1 Drilling and Milling Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

Drilling and Milling Machine Main Performance Characteristics:

1.Vertical milling head can be moved forward or backward

2.Vertical milling head can swivel 90 vertically and 360 horizontally.
3.Adjustable atops on table
4.Manual quill feed
5.High tensile casting iron elevative table
6.Double motor with powerful force

Drilling and Milling Machine Main Technical Specifications:

Max.drilling capacity32mm40mm50mm
Max.milling capacity(end/face)25/100mm32/100mm32/100mm
Swivel angle of headstock(perpendicular)±90°±90°±90°
spindle taper(end/face)M.T.3  M.T.4M.T.4M.T.4
Distance from spindle nose to worktable surface80-480mm80-480mm80-480mm
spindle travel130mm130mm130mm
beam travel500mm500mm500mm
step of spindle speed(end/face)6\126\126\12
Range of spindle speed(end/face)     50HZ90-1600 /38-1280 (r/min)90-1600 /38-1280 (r/min)90-1600 /38-1280 (r/min)
60HZ (4 poles)110-1920 /45-1540 (r/min)110-1920 /45-1540 (r/min)110-1920 /45-1540 (r/min)
Step of spindle auto-feeding(end/face)333
Range of spindle auto-feeding(end/face)0.12 0.18 0.250.12 0.18 0.250.12 0.18 0.25
Worktable size800×240mm800×240mm1000×240mm
Forward and afterward travel of worktable300mm300mm300mm
Left and right travel of worktable585mm585mm785mm
Vertical travel of worktable400mm400mm400mm
Min.distance from spindle axis to column290mm290mm290mm
Cooling pump power0.04KW0.04KW0.04KW
Net weight/Gross weight930kg/1030kg933kg/1033kg950kg/1050kg
Packing size1020×1350×1850mm1020×1350×1850mm1220×1350×1850mm
Standard accessoriesOptional accessories

Allen wrench,

Drift Spanner,

Drill chuck rod,


Draw bar and gasket 

StandOil ,

basinPower feed attachment,

Machine viceDrill chuck,

Milling cutter holder,

Reducing sleeve,

Mill chuck,

Boring rod,

Tapping electrical system,

Coolant system