Product Model:

X6328B Turet Milling Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

Turet Milling Machine Main Performance Characteristics 

1. Has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, high flexibility, milling head can rotate left and right 90 degrees, 45 degrees before and after rotation, rocker can not only before and after the expansion, and can make a 360 degree rotation in the horizontal plane, greatly improving the effective working range of machine tools.

2 the body is made of high precision cast iron, which has high precision and long service life.

3 Main shaft is made of chromium molybdenum alloy, and is equipped with precise angular contact bearing, After quenching and tempering treatment and precision grinding, high precision and high precision. Large Spindle speed range, high speed ,Spindle sleeve can be motor fixed range, and equipped with overload protection device.

4. It can be widely used for processing plane, inclined planes with arbitrary angle, keyway milling, grooves, can also turn, reaming, boring, and so on, optional mechanical feed device and a digital display system.

Turet Milling Machine Application

Universal radial milling machine is a kind of medium and small general metal cutting machine tools, that can lie milling and can vertical milling. extensive use of performance

Spindle taper hole of the machine can be directly or through the attachment installed all cylindrical milling cutter, disc cutter, molding cutter, end milling cutter tool, suitable for processing a variety of small parts of plane, inclined plane, grooves, holes, and other gear. Is a mechanical manufacturing, mold, equipment, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries of the ideal processing equipment.

Turet Milling Machine Main Technical Parameters:

Table sizemm1200x280
Table travelmm600/240/360
T slot(number-width-pitch)mm3-14-63
Spindle taper
ISO40 7:24
Spindle speed rangerpm(V) 50HZ:65-4500 60HZ:80-5440 (16 steps); (H) 40-1300(12steps
Spindle travelmm127
Spindle feed rangemm0.04,0.08,0.15 (3 steps)
Distance between spindle nose and table surfacemm140-500
Distance between spindle axis and table surfacemm0-360
Main motor powerkw2.2(V)3(H)
Head rotation (left - right )°±90°
Head rotation (front - rear)°±45°
Overall dimensionmm1550x1650x2250