Product Model:

4HW Turret Milling Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

Turret Milling Machine Main Performance Characteristics 

1.M Hanna high strength cast iron, internal honeycomb rib structure, high rigidity, long service life.

2.Spindle adopts imported from Japan King combination diamond. After the quenching and tempering and frequency processing, after fine grinding with 4 imported bearings (other manufacturers     spindle 3 bearing), ensure high quality and high precision.

3.Three shaft screw fine grinding with advanced phosphor bronze nut, durable.

4.Horizontal milling with 4 gear shaft speed (other manufacturers for the 2 gear shaft), a wide range of variable speed, torque.

5.Many parts of the machine tools have been applied for patent

Turret Milling Machine Application

The milling machine is a kind of universal light duty metal cutting machine,

Has two functions of vertical and horizontal milling, Milling medium, small parts of the plane, inclined plane, groove and spline, etc..

Widely used in mechanical processing, mold, equipment, instrumentation and other industries.

Turret Milling Machine Main Technical Parameters:

Table sizemm1270x254
Table travelmm780/420/400
T slot(number-width-pitch)mm3-16-65
Spindle taper
(V) R8/ISO40(H) ISO40
Spindle speed rangerpm(V) )50HZ:65-4500 60HZ:80-5440 (16 steps)(H)  45-1350(12steps)

(Optional) (variable)65-4000
Spindle travelmm127
Spindle feed rangemm0.04,0.08,0.15(3 steps)
Distance between spindle axis and table surfacemm0-400
Main motor powerkw2.2(V)3(H)
Head rotation (left - right )°±90°
Head rotation (front - rear)°±45°
Overall dimensionmm1550x1650x2250