Precautions for center frame of CNC lathe

Oct. 19, 2022

The center frame is hydraulic self centering and manual center frame. The machine tool is equipped with the center frame with high centering accuracy, good reliability and long service life. Here, the self centering frame is introduced as follows:

The operating pressure range of the center frame has been adjusted before delivery, which can also be adjusted by referring to the values in the manual. This pressure can be observed from the lower left center frame pressure gauge at the front of the machine tool. Pay attention to adjusting the pressure relief valve for the center frame to make the clamping force appropriate.

The central frame is lubricated by centralized lubrication, and a special lubrication station is provided for lubrication. Since it is non circulating

Refuel in time. The opening and closing of the center frame can be controlled by the system or manually. Confirm the buttons on the panel when using.

When using, first adjust the position of the center frame so that the roller of the center frame is clamped on the complete supporting surface. The method is as follows:

Loosen the locking bolt directly in front of the base of the center frame, adjust the position of the pin at the right end of the center frame, and put it into the empty slot of the support plate. Move the support plate immediately. After the position is determined, return the pin and lock the front bolt.

The base guide rail of the center frame shall be lubricated manually at regular intervals and once before each shift.

The clamped parts must have sufficient clamping space, and the clamped surface must be a machined surface with good finish, otherwise the roller and the entire center frame will be damaged. Parts with a tolerance range of ± 2mm have no influence on the clamping accuracy (repeated positioning accuracy 0.005-0.01mm).

General safety function description

1. The center frame must be installed, operated and maintained by professionally trained personnel;

2. During processing, the center frame must be protected by appropriate protection;

3. The machine tool must be completely stopped when repairing the center frame;

4. No change affecting the safety of the center frame is allowed;

5. It is not allowed to exceed the high speed of the roller (see the value in the manual for details);

6. Sufficient clamping force shall be determined according to the weight of the workpiece, spindle speed and cutting force;

7. As standard, the center frame is equipped with a safety valve. Once the pressure is suddenly lost during the machining process or at the end of the machining, the center frame still maintains sufficient safety support until the spindle stops. The safety valve shall not be moved or damaged;

8. The center frame must be used according to the safety instructions.

Neither the machine tool manufacturer nor the center frame manufacturer is responsible for the damage caused by improper use or maintenance. The regular maintenance of the center frame must be carried out by trained personnel, using original spare parts and rollers.

Note: The clamping arm is controlled by cam and lever mechanism. When the clamping arm is opened or clamped, it is not allowed to touch the clamping arm, otherwise the linkage connecting rod may be damaged and the clamping arm cannot be loosened. It is also forbidden to clamp the workpiece when the spindle rotates at a high speed, otherwise the roller surface will be damaged.