Instructions for the use of pneumatic chucks

Oct. 05, 2021

  1. Before daily work, the operator should carefully check whether the fastening screws are tight and whether the pressure is normal. The pressure gauge must be between 0.4Mpa and 0.8Mpa, otherwise it will affect the performance and clamping force, and at the same time give safe production. Bring hidden dangers.

2. Just operate the switch when clamping the workpiece.

3. The chuck jaws adopt a comb-tooth butt joint structure, which is convenient to adjust and can be adjusted radially according to the size of the workpiece. The adjustment distance is based on the number of comb teeth, (each tooth pitch is 1mm, of which 320 or more contains 320 is 1.5mm, refer to the detailed parameter table for details). The number of adjustment teeth of the jaws must be the same, and the tooth surface must be clean and free of debris. The screws on the jaws must be tightened when the jaws are replaced. Please pay attention to the number of the corresponding jaws when replacing the jaws.

4. During use, the sliding surface should be refueled and maintained. The refueling position is mainly at the grease nipple on the front cover of the chuck and the oil container on the three connecting pieces. Generally, ISOV32 or the same level of oil can be used. , The chuck part should be refueled once every shift, and the oil gun is used to refuel the chuck body.

5. This chuck uses compressed air, and the air pressure is 0.4MPa-0.8MPa. In order to make the chuck play a greater synergy and achieve a better use effect, please ensure the stability of the air source and pressure. If the air source is far from the chuck, please use a larger metal pipe to connect the air source to the nearest At the chuck, thin rubber hoses cannot be used for remote docking. For short-distance hose docking, please select a trachea with a pressure of not less than 1.6MPa, otherwise great losses will be caused by the trachea burst.