Product Model:

YQ32-315T Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine Main Performance Characteristics:

1. The pressing process of the hydraulic press for plastic, such as stamping, bending, flanging, drawing etc..

2. Can be engaged in correction, compression, plastic products and powder products.

Four Column Hydraulic Press Machine Main Technical Specifications:

Nominal pressure (KN)3150315031503150
Max.hydraulic pressure(Mpa)25252525
Oil cylinder travel(mm)500500600700
Diameter of oil cylinder(mm)Ø400Ø400Ø400Ø400
Diameter of piston(mm)Ø370Ø370Ø370Ø370
Diameter of column(mm)Ø110Ø140Ø140Ø140
Table size(mm)800X8001000X10001260X11601260X1160
Machine Height  3500380042004400
Fast down speed (mm/s)75100105105
Pressing speed (mm/s)6-126-126-126-12
Return speed(mm/s)83838383
Oil pump(YCY14-1B)63636363
motor power(kw)15151515
Return force(KN)630630630630
Ejecting stroke(mm)200300300300
Weight (kg)590080001050010700