Product Model:

CK6150 CNC Lathe Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

CNC Lathe Machines Description:

1.Spindle adopts high precision rolling bearings, high precision rotary plate aspect to adopt high precision ball screw transmission, good dynamic performance, precision positioning.

2.The machine tool guide with wear-resistant cast iron and after the audio quenching, the hardness of the HRC45 above, can ensure the long-term stability of processing accuracy.


CNC Lathe Machines Main Technical Specifications:

Swing over bedmm500
Swing over cross slidemm260
Distance between centersmm750/1000/1500/2000
Spindle boremm52(Optional 80)
Spindle bore taper-MT6
Spindle nose type-C6
Spindle speed steps-Manual 2 steps
Spindle speed rangerpmL:100-500 H:500-1800(Optional 90-1800 stepless)
Turret/tool post-Electric 4 position
Tool sizemm25 x 25
X axis travelmm280
Z axis travelmm750/1000/1500/2000
X axis rapid traversemm/min6000
Z axis rapid traversemm/min8000
Tailstock quill diametermm65
Tailstock quill taper-MT5
Tailstock quill travelmm130
Main spindle motorkw5.5
Coolant pump motorkw0.09
Weight for 750kg1800
Weight for 1000kg1900
Weight for 1500kg2000
Weight for 2000kg2100
Dimension for 750mm2200x1700x1750
Dimension for 1000mm2500x1700x1750
Dimension for 1500mm3000x1700x1750
Dimension for 2000mm3500x1700x1750


Standard ConfigurationOptional Configuration

Electric 4 position,

3-jaw manual chuck,

Manual tailstock,
360mm Bed Width

Hydraulic chuck,

6/8 electric Turret,

Hydraulic tailstock