Product Model:

CK6180F CK61100F CNC Lathe Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

CNC Lathe Machine Features and Uses

This machine can undertake a variety of turning workpiece, it can turning the various parts of the outer circle, inner hole, end and metric thread, Whitworth, module thread and pitch diameter of the thread forming surface; in addition, you can also meet drilling, every hole, sets and other materials process requirements. It can also be used in hard cutting tool for powerful cutting, processing a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

The width of the side wall of the double bed ribs, inner ribs with box and diagonal reinforcement integral bed structure, high integral rigidity.


CNC Lathe Machine Specification:


Manual HYD.ManualHYD.
Swing over bedmm8001000
Swing over cross slidemm480680
Distance between centersmm1000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/60001000/1500/2000/3000/4000/5000/6000
Guideway widthmm600600
Max. load capacityT44
Spindle boremm104104
Spindle bore taper-Metric φ120/MT5Metric φ120/MT5
Spindle nose type-C11C11
Spindle speed steps-VF. 3 stepsHYD. 4 stepsVF. 3 stepsHYD. 4 steps
Spindle speed rangerpm10-80017-80010-80017-800
Chuckmmφ400 3-jaw manualφ400 3-jaw manual
Turret/tool post-Electric 4 positionElectric 4 position
Tool sizemm32×3240×40
X axis travelmm420520
Z axis travelmm850/1350/1850/2850/3850/4850/5850850/1350/1850/2850/3850/4850/5850
X axis rapid traversemm/min40004000
Z axis rapid traversemm/min60006000
Tailstock quill diametermmφ120φ120
Tailstock quill taper-MT6MT6
Tailstock quill travelmm250250
Main spindle motorkw1515
Coolant pump motorkw0.1250.125
Weight for 1000kg48005000
Weight for 1500kg52005400
Weight for 2000kg56005800
Weight for 3000kg64006600
Weight for 4000kg72007400
Weight for 5000kg80008200
Weight for 6000kg88009000
Dimension for 1000mm3500x1950 x 19003500x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 1500mm4000x1950 x 19004000x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 2000mm4500x1950 x 19004500x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 3000mm5500x1950 x 19005500x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 4000mm6500x1950 x 19006500x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 5000mm7500x1950 x 19007500x2000 x 2100
Dimension for 6000mm8500x1950 x 19008500x2000 x 2100

Standard AccessoriesOptional Accessories

Eletric 4 position,  

3-jaw manual, 

manual tailstock, 

automatic lubrication, 

coolant pump,

Fanuc, Siemens or other brand CNC controller, 

6/8 Electric turret,

Hydraulic chuck

hydraulic tailstock,

Servo main motor