Product Model:

CK6140 CNC Lathe Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

No.ITEMNumberStandard configuration
1Numerical control system1/setOptional system (gd980, Taiwan, FANUC, Siemens) etc.
2卡盘Chuck1/setThree jaw chuck K11 250 (optional K11 320)
3Tailstock1/setManual tail base
4X向滚珠丝杠X -ball screw1/setPRC
5Z向滚珠丝杠Z -ball screw1/setPRC
6Electric turret1/setLD4B-A(6150)
7X、Z-Lead screw bearing1/setPRC
8X、Z- Coupling1/setPRC
9Spindle bearing1/setPRC
10机身Fuselage Casting1/setHigh quality resin sand casting
11Spindle assembly1/setAssembly spindle
12Spindle clamping
Manual chuck
13Paint1/setColor can be configured according to customer requirements, not special requirements according to our standard color configuration
14Lubrication1/setJoint venture (electric lubricating oil pump, lubricating oil circuit is installed)