Product Model:

X713 Bed-type Milling Machine

Product Main Technical Parameters

Bed-type Milling Machine main performance characteristics

Using MEEHANITE cast iron,

Using rectangular guide machine is Rigid good,

Work table and guide rail through the ultra audio spark quenching.

Milling head can be rotated 30 degrees,

Import frequency conversion and frequency conversion technology to make the spindle more convenient

Bed-type Milling Machine Application

This machine is a kind of general metal cutting machine tool.

Spindle taper hole of the machine can be directly or through the attachment installed all cylindrical milling cutter, disc cutter, molding cutter, end milling cutter tool, suitable for processing a variety of small parts of plane, inclined plane, grooves, holes, and other gear. Is a mechanical manufacturing, mold, equipment, instruments, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries of the ideal processing equipment.

Bed-type Milling Machine main technical parameters:

Table sizemm1525x320
Table strokemm1050x470
T-type slot numbers / width /spacemm3-14-80
Distance from spindle axis to column guide waymm450
Distance from spindle nose to table surfacemm70-570
Spindle taper
Spindle quill travelmm127
Spindle speed rangerpm70-3620
Spindle motor powerKW5HP
Overall dimensionsmm2565x2045x2290
Machine weightKg2300